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FAQ’s Q. How many lessons will I need? A. This is always hard to predict (The DSA say the average is around 48 hours with a school plus 20 with a friends or family) all I can say is that the average learner with us takes around 30 to 35 hours. Some take more and some less. Q. Where should I take my test? A. I only use either Liverpool (Norris Green) or Southport for Driving tests. Q. Which test centre is the best? A. The pass rate is very similar at both test centres I use, so I tend to leave the choice to the learner. Q. How quickly can I take me test? A. There are two test that you need to take. The theory test, a multi choice question and answer test and the driving test itself. There is usually a few weeks waiting list for both tests so if you are in a hurry to pass, it is possible to fit in enough lessons and pass in a short relatively short time. Q. How do I go about booking my test? A. Follow this link to my "TESTs" page where you will find more information on booking your tests. Q. How old do I have to start my test? A. For most of us it’s 17. If you are receiving disability allowance at the higher rate it’s 16 Q. When can I apply for my licence? A. 3 months before your birthday. Q. Who is allowed to teach me. A. Any one who is 21 or older and has had a full EU licence for a minimum of 3 years. They must inform there insurance company (which will probably incur an extra cost). Also and its against the law to pay or reward anyone ( including paying for there fuel ) for driving lessons if they are not a Registered Driving Instructor. Q. How much do the tests cost A. For a full list of the test prices click here Q. When can I do my theory test A. On you 17th birthday or any time after that, even before you start driving if you like. Things learnt studying for your theory can help your understanding and likewise things learnt driving will help you get a better understanding for your theory
Independent  driving   Click here for more information about this new part to the driving test Level 3 in Driving Instruction How to apply for a driving license You can apply for your driving licence on line, by post or in person for more information click here Click here to book your first lesson SPECIAL OFFER   SPECIAL OFFER