Taking a Mock Test
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A Mock Test So what is a mock test. Well it is a driving lesson conducted under test conditions. Your instructor taking the mock test will conduct it in the same way as an examiner would, in an attempt to emulate the sense of the occasion. For example you may get the instruction "at the roundabout ahead take a right turn it’s the third exit", there would be no further instruction to help you navigate the roundabout, such as check your mirrors, signal or get over to the right. You will do at least one reverse manoeuvre and approximately 20 minutes of independent driving just like in the real test. We generally conduct the mock test from your chosen test centre using one of the possible routes you may get, for added realism. Why do a Mock Test? The purpose of the mock test is to give the learner a insight into the real test. It also can show them and their instructor how they may perform under test conditions with the added pressure and limited instructions. It has proved very useful in the past highlighting areas that may need working on. A common fault that comes up time after time is the tendency to rush things under pressure especially one of the reversing manoeuvres, or the opposite may happen where the learner becomes over cautious and hesitant. The Mock Test sheet On the Mock Test I use the same test report sheet (DL25A) as the DSA examiner (see Below). Looking at the report sheet you can make out the many catergories where faults can be logged against. You are allowed upto 15 minor faults (16 would be a fail) but no serious or dangerous faults.
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